Sri Krishna Fabrications Advancement through Technology

About us

Ability to design and fabricate all types of jobs is our strength. We are a group of qualified and experienced engineers. Thus we are not only fabricators but also having thorough knowledge of chemical processes and process equipment. Besides, we have experienced and skilled personnel to develop and manufacture quality machinery in our well-organized factory at Hyderabad ,A.P., India. We design and fabricate various equipment to overcome the difficulties and problems encountered by chemical, pharmaceutical and engineering industry. Our factory is well-equipped with modern welding machines Plasma cutting machines, rolling machines, lathe machines, hoists, cranes & all necessary work-shop machinery. Our shop floor personnel are highly trained to handle any job with precision.

Our Reach

We have designed and developed a wide range of chemical, pharmaceutical, food, process machinery which are working presently in a number of companies all over the country and abroad.

Raw Material stock

400 tons Press